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About the Concept
The Concept
U.S. Navy Seals in the 22nd Century
Powerful and fast, yet warm and funny – the seal exhibits a combination of traits perfectly suited to serve as the basis for characters in a children’s action/adventure comedy for the cartoon or comic book medium. Given that the acronym of the Navy’s Special Forces group matches the name of this creature, you won’t find a much better fit. By placing “real” Seals in the role of the U.S. Navy SEALs, we feel this concept has the potential to offer the best of its genre.

Accidentally caught in a military space-time experiment gone awry, five male and two female seals along with a wise old walrus and a flock of crafty penguins, are suddenly evolved to the intelligence of modern man with physical attributes that blend the best of man and seal. Rescued by the U.S. Navy, the advanced seals quickly adapted to human ways under the tutelage of naval personnel.

Becoming too comfortable with human amenities to return to their lives as ordinary seals, yet too different to quietly blend into human society, these young Seals make the Navy their home and dedicate themselves to protecting the seas from whence they came. Seizing upon their military potential, the Navy brings them into the service, creating a new unique unit of their elite Special Forces group, the Navy SEALS (acronym updated for the 22nd century with a capital 'S' at the end to represent space missions).
Synopsis of the Navy "Seals" Story
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Caldera Creations presents...
Trained for Sea, Air, Land, and Space missions, as the acronym implies, these Navy SEALS are faster, stronger, and by far funnier looking than their human counterparts, yet just as intelligent, cunning, and compassionate. Immensely powerful and agile when in the sea, even more so than their non-evolved brethren, the seals use their natural abilities and knowledge of the oceans combined with naval tactics and advanced weaponry and vehicles to keep the forces of evil at bay. With each seal having assimilated the unique personality, accent, mannerisms, and attitude of the Naval officer assigned to train them, the SEALS team is a tapestry of the many cultural and ethnic and backgrounds that make up America. At the same time, they continue to exhibit some of the natural traits common in most seals, including a penchant for comical antics!

Set in the 22nd century, the story features a world where the oceans have become the center of man’s attention – the answer to many of mankind’s problems, but also a source of power for those who could control it. Giant floating cities throughout the world harness its resources to bring life back to a once dying planet. Protected by United Nations forces under the U.S. Naval Command, these ocean cities have become the unexpected new frontier of this time – a place where hi-tech pirates and corporate mercenaries clash with the Navy for supremacy of the sea.

Amidst this backdrop rise two new and very powerful groups that threaten to destabilize the world. Two groups, two species – one human, one polar bear, who share the same origin as the seals but whose evolution shattering transformation gave them abilities and power unlike the world has ever seen – powers they have chosen to menace mankind with. However, unbeknownst to them, a group of similarly evolved seals stand poised to defend the world!

Helping them in this difficult transition, to their surprise, is a similarly evolved wise-old walrus they met in the ocean in the ocean on the day of the accident who was young at the time, but through a rip opened in the space-time continuum, arrived on the scene decades earlier, and who has since grown old and risen to the rank of Admiral – a secret closely guarded by the Navy for decades.